Material Testing

Material Testing


BRS has a cooperative linkage with the Construction Materials and Structures Laboratory (CoMSLab) of the Institute of Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman. Our testing facilities have been moved to the Institute of Civil Engineering located at Pardo de Tavera St., Institute of Civil Engineering Building, UP Diliman Campus, Quezon City.

CoMSLab has testing facilities for cement, concrete, soils, aggregates, masonry and other related materials. Field equipment for testing geotechnical properties, such as cone penetrometer, is also available.


Partial list of Materials Testing Offered  by the Construction Materials and Structures Laboratory (CoMSLab) 


Concrete and Related Products

Portland cement

Coarse and Fine Aggregates

Concrete Reinforcing Steel


PVC, Plastics, and Related Products

Steel Plates (Tension Test)

Flooring Materials (Flexural Strength)

Special Tests

Special Samples